Man’s brutal assessment of ‘rank’ home makeover labelled best reaction ever

John Geoghegan’s no-nonsense reaction to seeing his newly decorated bedroom on BBC One’s Your Home In Their Hands has gone viral as he warns the decorator not to touch the other rooms

Viewers have been left in hysterics by a man who made absolutely no attempt to hide his disgust in front of the cameras during the grand reveal on a home makeover show.

John Geoghegan’s face says it all when he opens his eyes to see his bedroom now decorated with yellow floral wallpaper and a blue wardrobe, as his wife Rachel tries very hard to find the positives.

The car-crash clip from BBC One’s Your Home In Their Hands from 2015 saw four decorators compete to create the best design – and it’s fair to say if John had anything to do with it, the interior designer responsible for his bedroom would be looking for a new job.

After Rachel says she “likes the wardrobe”, John says: “Nah, it’s too much. For me it’s too busy. I wouldn’t have done anything like it and I don’t like it.

“You’re supposed to be able to go to sleep in a bedroom and it’s like a kids’ play area.

“I think it looks horrendous, it doesn’t look anything like a bedroom. So sorry, but it’s a big thumbs down from me.

“It’s hideous. I think it’s even too much for Rachel if she was to tell the truth.”

As presenter Celia Sawyer awkwardly tries to get his wife on side, John quickly adds: “It’s rank. I don’t like it at all. Definitely not.”

Asking if they will keep the room with the new design, John states “not for long” and says his message for the designer would simply be: “Don’t touch the other room.”

The moment of TV gold has been viewed almost one million times after being tweeted by @Plinketyplink2, with the caption: “Still the best reaction to a house makeover ever.”

And to be fair to John, pretty much everyone else was in agreement.

One said: “If you use that wallpaper, the rest of the room should be as plain as possible. It just looks like the designed vomited up every idea they had.”

A second wrote: “Poor woman clearly hated the room & was fighting back tears yet the presenter was badgering her to speak positively about having a bedroom where the fabric fairy had been sick.”

It looks like other episodes went in a fairly similar direction with a viewer saying: “I’m beginning to think it’s a prank show after watching another. It’s called Your Home in Their Hands. The hands of maniacs by the looks of it.”

Time to order the boxset then.